[ARTICLE] Han Ye Seul Was Teddy’s Muse For G-Dragon’s “R.O.D (Ride or Die)”

Actress Han Ye Seul has claimed that she inspired her boyfriend, YG Entertainment’s hit-making producer Teddy, to make G-Dragon‘s song “R.O.D (Ride or Die).”

The star told a media source, “Teddy made a song with me in mind, and that song is G-Dragon’s “R.O.D.”

She also noted, “In many ways I am his muse. Many of the songs he has written over the last two years that make mention of a woman’s beauty or are about confessions of love are about me in some way.”

Han Ye Seul has previously given a speech at an awards ceremony, where she said, “I want to say that I love you, my boyfriend, Teddy. Our love has been very strong this year. Let’s love each other even more next year!”

“R.O.D” was released as part of G-Dragon’s full-length solo album “Coup d’Etat,” and featured a hook sung by Lydia Paek.

Credits: Soompi

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