[YG-LIFE] 29th Golden Disk: Taeyang’s “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” Received “Grand Prize” in Music Segment

[일간스포츠 이승미] TAEYANG has proven his influence in the music scene. TAEYANG has won the grand prize trophy in the Golden Disk Awards.

TAEYANG’s “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” received the grand prize for the music segment of the 29th Golden Disk Awards held in the afternoon on the 14 in Beijing, China. “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” that was included in his first full-length album “RISE” was one of the most popular songs last year. “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” showed a great power on music charts, staying in top rankings of different music charts during the second half of last year, since its release in June. Plus, the song was selected as the most liked song in the Korea Contents Research Institute’s survey on K-pop consumers in the American music market, which was carried out in December last year.

Before the Golden Disk Awards, TAEYANG received the Best Song Award in the Melon Music Awards, being selected as one of the 10 most popular songs. In December last year, “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” won the song of the year award in Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Meanwhile, the 29th Golden Disk Awards give prizes to music on the 14 and albums on the 15, to select the “golden” disk that shone in the previous year. Not only awarding ceremonies but also a variety of performances by best artists of each label are waiting for K-pop fans, to satisfy their expectations. The Golden Disk Awards will be live-broadcasted throughout China on the country’s biggest video-streaming website Iqiyi.com (www.iqiyi.com), and then will be aired in Korea on JTBC.

2015. 1. 15.

Credits: YG Life

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