[NEWS] ‘Gangnam Style’ tops 2.2 billion YouTube views

 “Gangnam Style,” the breakout worldwide hit by South Korean pop star Psy, has cleared the 2.2 billion view mark on YouTube.”

The music video, uploaded in July 2012, hit the 2.2 billion view milestone on Wednesday and comfortably sat at 2,220,287,088 views as of 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

The video clip, which features world-famous horse-galloping dance moves, rewrote YouTube history by garnering 100 million views on the 52nd day.

It surpassed the 1 billion view mark on the 161st day and 2 billion view mark in May 2014, setting a new record on the video sharing site.

The longstanding popularity of the music video broke YouTube’s view counter in December, prompting the site to upgrade its system.

Psy is expected to release his new track “Daddy” sometime this year.

Source: kpopherald

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