[ARTICLE] What Should Every YG Stan Expect in 2015 – the Comebacks and Debuts

YG must be cooking something again in the YG kitchen…It’s been days that YG Entertainment have gone silent, and we all know or maybe all familiar with what silence means about Mr. Yang.

He must be up with something that will rock and shock the kpop world. It is nothing new, however, we couldn’t expect he’d be releasing something out from our favorite artists…not anytime soon.

2NE1 have just made their comeback in 2014; WINNER have had their debut a few months back; BIGBANG is too busy with their solo and individual activities; EPIK HIGHhave just made their comeback as well with an outstanding album; AKMU have just released an album and a single. Basically, most of the groups have released their chart-topping stuffs.

What should we expect then in 2015? We will be anticipating for the new groups, iKonand the girl group, but we firmly believe that is too early for iKon to debut on the first quarter or 2nd quarter of the year, then probably they’d be out sometime between July to October of 2015. The new girl group may come out by the 2nd quarter of the year should YG let them debut this year. It’s a perfect time to debut a girl group considering that the ‘girl group era‘ is booming again this year with the emergence of A Pink, EXIDand Sonamoo getting all the attention beginning on the last quarter of last year and early this year.

PSY and LEE HI might also make a comeback this year. We wouldn’t be expecting a comeback for BIGBANG anytime soon, because if they will, they will mostly steal the spotlight from iKon, so YG might set them aside for now, nonetheless, they’d possibly make a comeback by 2016 before they will be enlisted for their mandatory military service.

It is also possible that Jinusean will release an album after 10 years this year – well, that if the duo has been working for an album already, but it is a possibility as it was hinted by Sean many times in different occasions on TV.

WINNER will be busy on the first half of the year with their WWIC 2015, but if YG will exert more efforts for the group, one member might have to release a single – it could be Mino, Kang Seung Yoon or Nam Taehyun, but we’re leaning more on Mino and Kang Seung Yoon. The group might probably even release a single this year, and we’re not closing our hopes on that as Seung Yoon hinted that their comeback song is ready in one of the interviews (we have to find that interview, admins).

As for 2NE1, we couldn’t be certain about their future, but one thing is for sure, CL will most probably make a debut in the U.S., else all the publication about her on American media platforms and all its purposes will be defeated. Will Minzy be given a solo this year? We hope so.

AKMU and Epik High will be silent this year. We couldn’t guarantee about AKMU, but we are certain about EPIK HIGH. But then again, Tablo is back in the studio with that SNS update of his released this week. They’d probably start working for the next album or could be a single release, but it wouldn’t be out until late of this year.  AKMU, those kids can write their stuff in a day so they’d probably dish out a single and it would even come out as a surprise.

yg family stage

The single releases that these artists will be releasing, will mostly cover the periods before the releases of the major anticipated comebacks or debuts.

For PSY, we have been waiting for ‘DADDY‘ for about a year already. We couldn’t be certain if it’s the same ‘DADDY’ that he wrote several years ago, an excellent piece that stirs up the emotions and love for our dads. Whatever it is, it will take time to be perfected. And if Psy will release another emotional piece, it’s going to come out fresh and new to the global audience because it’s going to be musically contradictory to his usual vibrant tracks.

iKon, their debut will be the most anticipated this year. These boys have collected enormous number of fans worldwide starting from their WIN era, then on Mix & Match and other appearances they’ve made on tours and major events like MAMA. Just like their predecessors, they’re going to rock the kpop world. It is no longer a competition just like WIN – iKon already have or might have to build their own musical color and that is something that we should all be looking out for this year. As Mr. Yang stated, their music will be just like Big Bang, but we would disagree on that – their musical color might use Big Bang’s style as a base, but they’d eventually have a different aura, a different take on hiphop. They won’t be the same as WINNER either because the quintet have established the brand of music that have truly been their own. Thus iKon will walk on the same but different path – that means they will develop their own style and will earn the same success.

The girl groups might earn a lot of disapproval from 2NE1 fans, but we expect fans will eventually fall for them. Why? 2NE1 have developed the ‘strong and fierce’ vibe, while we expect that the new girl group will turn that sexy on. They’d have music that might be reminiscent of WINNER, but with a feminine touch, however, it could be more groovy and catchy. They will walk into a very difficult path, but will eventually earn the approval of the public. If every girl group will come out with a cutesy side or an innocent aura, these girls will rock the world with groove and style.

We won’t claim that everything we’ve placed into this editorial is true, but just take it as a rational premonition and a glimpse of the near future. Whatever will come out in 2015, as strong and loyal fans of the YG Family, we’d be supporting them all out, right?

Good luck to our artists, fighting!

P.S. – UNIQ will make their Korean comeback this year. They are currently training at the YG building.

Source: YG United // Written by Elle & Mino-nim

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