[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s Dara lends her Credit Card to Fans who Volunteered at a Charity Event

It was recently reported that 2NE1‘s Dara gave out her credit card to her fans who helped delivered coal briquettes in the cold weather.

Fans recently spotted a friendly exchange between Dara and the fans who helped at a charity event on Twitter.

Fans jokingly tweeted to Dara saying, “Unnie…can we exceed the limit on your card?...” However, Dara answered back generously, “How do you know my limit…!? Eat everything you want, don’t be shy~ The food there is really good!!! Oh! Don’t forget to order Tangsooyook (Sweet and Sour Pork or Beef)! It’s really yummy~

The considerate idol even encouraged the fans to eat more and tweeted, “When you use my card, I get a text message on my phone. You should get dessert too!

Meanwhile, one fan had posted up pictures of the delicious food that they had eaten and thanked Dara for the meal, making fellow Blackjacks jealous.

Credits: Allkpop

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