[NEWS] WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon unable to Attend ‘WWIC 2015’ Fan-Meet in Beijing due to HealthIssues

It’s been revealed that WINNER‘s Lee Seung Hoon will not be able to attend the upcoming ‘WWIC 2015‘ fan meeting in Beijing, China due to health issues.

According to an exclusive by MyDaily, Lee Seung Hoon will not attend WINNER’s fan meeting on the 10th due to his poor health condition. Local reps in China have announced the unfortunate news and asked for understanding. It is not sure whether Lee Seung Hoon will be able to carry out both his Korean and Chinese activities until the end of this month.

‘WWIC’ announced on the 8th, “WINNER member Lee Seung Hoon will not be able to attend the ‘WWIC 2015’ Beijing concert, which will be held in Beijing Worker’s Gymnasium on January 10, 2015, to due issues concerning his health.”

Following the news of the tour, a lot of fans have sent a lot of interest and support for this concert. We are truly sorry that we are unable to show the best stage to a lot of fans at this concert since Lee Seung Hoon is currently not in good condition. We hope that you continue to send your interest and support to WINNER and the other concert dates.”

Lee Seung Hoon deeply apologizes for causing concern to you all due to his inability to attend this concert.”

YG Entertainment also told the press, “WINNER’s schedule has been very busy, and Lee Seung Hoon’s health hasn’t been good… He will return to his schedules after he recovers.” They did not offer specific details regarding his condition, which led fans to wonder if it had anything to do with his back pain, that he is normally known to suffer from, and whether his previous fall from the stage could have possibly attributed to his current health condition.

Credits: Allkpop

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