[ARTICLE] YG’s Jung Hye Young to Take Over as the New Narrator for ‘Superman is Back’

Actress Jung Hye Young is taking over as the new narrator for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Superman is Back’!

According to KBS, Jung Hye Young will replace actress Yoo Ho Jung as the narrator for ‘Superman is Back’ starting on the January 11th broadcast.

The show’s producer stated, “First off, we sincerely thank Yoo Ho Jung who previously took charge as the narrator… Jung Hye Young, who will take responsibility for the voice of ‘Superman is Back’ following Yoo Ho Jung, is the mother of a loving family who is a role model for many as part of the nation’s beautiful couple [with Jinusean‘s Sean].

As Jung Hye Young has 4 children, she is anticipated to narrate ‘Superman is Back’ from a mother’s warmhearted perspective. There is also high anticipation among the producers.”

Jung Hye Young will take on her first narration for the show on the 9th, which will air on the 11th.

Credits: allkpop


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