[NEWS] CL’s Name Spotted in Canadian Crossword Puzzle

YouTuber Awkward Luc spotted 2NE1’s CL’s name in the Annual Mammoth Crosswordon January 2, 2015.

Already capturing the hearts of many fans around the world, 2NE1’s leader CL is preparing to take over the music industry by spreading her charm to the United States. Working with Scooter Braun, CL is preparing to make her debut in America this coming spring.

With many international fans anticipating CL’s debut, Scooter Braun continuouslydropped hints to their fans on the date of her entry into the American music industry. Likewise, CL herself had also been teasing her fans by sharing photos through her Instagram account.

The excitement for her debut hits a milestone as the singer’s name has already began appearing in the international media. On January 2nd, CL’s name was spotted in the Annual Mammoth Crossword with the hint saying, “Stage name for S. Korean singer Lee Chae-rin.”


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Credits: Koreaboo


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