[NEWS] ‘MTV IGGY’ : ‘CL is About to Make American Debut, Will Win International Fame in 2015′

America ‘MTV IGGY (A.K.A ‘MTV’)’ has expressed expectations for ‘CL’ from the group ’2NE1′ who is about to make a debut in America.

On the 26th (in American time), ‘MTV’ took notice of ‘CL’ while publishing an article on Asia’s popular pop artists who are making an overseas expansion. The title of the article was [The Most Powerful artist of Asian Pop Music]. ‘MTV’ mentioned about ‘YG’s’ overseas expansion, and said “‘YG’ has been preparing for their expansion in America for a long time through ‘YG Land’ which will be open in Orange County.” Moreover, their announcement: “The best chance to make American expansion is ‘CL’” caught the attention.

‘MTV’ said, “‘CL’ is planning on making her debut in America on spring of 2015. This is very different from other Internet star cases such as ‘PSY’, ‘Wang Rong’, ‘Baby Metal’, and etc. Since ‘CL’ can speak multiple languages, she has been preparing for American debut on her own.” Moreover, they used ‘CL’s’ interview with the ‘Billboard’ and delivered ‘CL’s’ determination once again by quoting her words:

“I want to represent all Asian women”, “I want to refute Asian women stereotypes”.

Reporter : Kim So-Yeon, Translator : Cho Ah-Ra for Star
via YG United


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