[INTERVIEW] Translated: BIGBANG’s Interview for Vogue Japan Febuary Issue 2015

Q: How do you feel about this 5-dome tour on your 5th anniversary of Japan debut?

GD: I am so proud. Every single thing that we learned since debut brought us here. I don’t want to forget that feeling. And I want to appreciate everyone who has been supporting us.

TOP: I am so happy. I really appreciate the fans and at the same time, I feel the pressure.

DS: I really want to appreciate the fact that we are able to hold a tour this year even though we couldn’t release an album. I am so happy to see the great reactions of the fans.

TY: I am happy that so many fans come to see us, despite that we were not able to release anything new as BIGBANG. Thank you so much.

VI: I still can’t believe it. This was a dream back then. We always keep in mind now how to make 40k~ 50k audiences excited.

Q: What changed after making a debut in Japan?

GD: There are way more people who are interested in us now. It’s a good thing, but we can no longer have flexible schedule.

TOP: I learned about the Asia music market and our perspectives got broader.

DS: The fact that I am in Japan than anywhere else. This year (2014) I was in Japan for half of the year. It means people are interested in me and my music so I am happy.

VI: I learned different ways of thinking by learning Japanese language, culture, manner, and habits and spending time here.

Q: How would you introduce the other members?

GD: Their names tell all.

TOP: My younger brothers.

DS: GD is charismatic leader (he can read our minds). SOL is moral backbone (I can rely on him mentally). TOP is “baby” older brother. VI is our cute youngest member.

VI: GD is nicely made, rich sushi. TOP is well-made steak that gets better in your mouth every time you chew. SOL is hamburger that you can make it good with any ingredients you like. DS is pork-bone ramen (noodles) that makes you forget the fatigue in just one bite.

Q: If you have to share a hotel room with a member during tour, who would you choose to be the partner?

GD: I want to stay by myself. I think each of us want personal time.

TOP: Daesung. Because he is eroi (sexy). (laughs)

DS: I want to stay by myself.

TY: Daesung. We were roommates before debut. We know about each other well.

VI: SOL and DS. Because they don’t smoke.

Q: Your fashion has been on people’s attention. What is the inspiration?

GD: Movie, music, magazines, traveling. Pretty much everything.

TOP: I get from art (Paintings, sculptures, furniture designs etc.)

DS: Our stylist Eun Gee takes care of my fashion.

VI: I talk with the members and the stylist.

Q: If you have unlimited amount of time, what would you do?

GD: Self-development. Travel around the world.

TOP: Study in fields I am interested in.

DS: I would be sad/lonely. I want to live just the right amount of time and leave happily.

TY: Go around the world traveling.

VI: I want to study different languages.

Q: What will be BIGBANG’s future?

GD: Each members have different colors and dreams, so like how we have been doing, we want to keep growing both individually and as a group. First of all we have to release a new album and go on a tour. When those are done I might take a break for my future.

TOP: I can’t really tell the future but I want to keep developing. I want to make the group so we stay in people’s minds.

TY: Prepare for our new album. When this dome tour is over we must concentrate on it.

DS: BIGBANG’s new album activities. We are preparing for new things so please look forward.

VI: When dome tour is over, we must work hard for fans who have been waiting for out new songs/stages.

Translated by http://mmvvip.tumblr.com/ (@mmvvip)
Source: Vogue Japan February 2015


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