[YG LIFE] WINNER on China’s Hunan TV New Year Concert: Relay of Praises

[엑스포츠뉴스=조재용 기자] Praises for YG’s WINNER have been pouring in since they performed in China at a New Year’s concert.

Aired on Dec 31, the “Hunan TV New Year Countdown Concert 2014-2015” held in Guangzhou International Sports Arena featured WINNER at the end of the 4th part, singing “EMPTY” and “JUST ANOTHER BOY.”

Greeting the local fans, they commented, “We are so happy to usher in the New Year with you all. Stay tuned for our music next year. Happy New Year!” which was all said in Chinese.

After the performance, “WINNER” became the most-searched word on China’s Weibo while musicians and critics continued to deliver praises to the 5 members.

Chinese musician Liang Huan commented, “The group WINNER who just appeared on Hunan TV New Year Concert are extremely talented,” while a music critic Er Di wrote, “While many artists showed lip-sync performances, WINNER showcased an incredible live performance.”

Other media like Weibo are also extolling the YG group for their remarkable live performance through social media.

The concert was aired in celebration of the New Year, which hit the highest viewing rate following last year. It is aired by Hunan TV as a special end-of-year program.

WINNER will be in Beijing on Jan 10 at WORKER’S GYMNASIUM, in Shanghai on Jan 17 at GRAND STAGE, in Shenzhen on Jan 24 at BAO’AN GYMNASIUM for their “WWIC 2015” to meet with the local fans.

2015. 1. 2.


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