[ARTICLE] BIGBANG at Grand Finale of Singapore 50th Independence Day Anniversary

[텐아시아=권석정 기자] BIGBANG attracted much attention as they performed at the grand finale of an event held in Singapore to celebrate the country’s 50th anniversary of its Independence Day.

Held at Singapore’s Marina Bay, the event was held on the last day of 2014 from 9pm to 1am the next day. BIGBANG appeared as the headliner of the grand finale at the event.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, Singapore pushed forward this project for the entire 2014 all across the country, and the New Year countdown event became part of the SG50 project as well. Aired live through 5 terrestrial channels all across Singapore, the event accommodated a personal speech of the Singaporean President Tony Tan Keng Yam and high-level participants including the prime minister. It is indeed a national event.

The size was doubled compared to the previous year, and the tickets sold out completely. Many celebrities from Malaysia also partook in the celebration.

Thus for BIGBANG, a South Korean band, to be the headliner of the grand finale at such an event is significant. It certainly proves their borderless popularity.

BIGBANG stood on stage to perform for about 50 minutes, immediately following the fireworks at midnight. Local fans sang along the hit songs like “GOOD BOY” “FEELING” and “FANTASTIC BABY,” heating up the event.

GD announced, “We have big plans ahead of us this year. New album and a new tour plan. We will be back with good performances and music.”

TAEYANG also announced that he will be coming to Singapore on Feb 8 for his solo Asia Tour “RISE.” BIGBANG is currently performing for Japan 5 Dome Tour for the 2nd time, which is a first for a foreign artist.

2015. 1. 1.

Credits: YG Life

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