[ARTICLE] American MTV IGGY Says, “WINNER’s K-hip-pop Clobbers the Competition”

[TV리포트=김예나 기자] American music media outlet MTV IGGY extolled WINNER.

On the 30 this month (American local time), MTV shed spotlight on WINNER, under the title of “WINNER’s K-hip-hop Clobbers the Competition”. According to MTV, “The story of WINNER begins with the music competition program WIN: Who Is Next?, a 2013 show where trainees at the agency battled for the opportunity to get their big break.” MTV explained, “WINNER WINNER emerged as the victors backed by a soundtrack of pop rock succinctly mixed with hip-hop.”

Then, MTV went on to say, “They became the first boy band launched by YG Entertainment since Big Bang broke out in August 2006, making their debut official with the August 2014 release, 2014 S/S… The album incorporates elements generally absent from K-pop releases, including hints of acoustic and alternative rock.”

MTV also said, “WINNER has lived up to their name with honors including the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Award for Best New Artist and New Icon at the 2014 Style Icon Awards. The group has left a lasting impression on Korean music fans and they will hopefully keep up their winning streak in 2015.”

Meanwhile, WINNER is holding fan meeting titled “WWIC 2015 (WORLD INNER CIRCLE CONFERENCE 2015)” for their fan club INNER CIRCLE, in Korea, China, and Japan.

2014. 12. 31.

Originally posted by: YG Life
Read MTV IGGY’s Article here: WINNER’s K-hip-pop Clobbers the Competition


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