[NEWS] The 2014 Year-End Gaon Charts Male Group Ranking

Recently, Gaon Charts released the results of the year-end ranking for girl groups in 2014 for the cumulative sales in both digital and physical albums.

The chart was based on the sales starting the first day of January 2014, spanning until the 2nd week of December, taking into consideration the overall sales on digital and physical for releaseses including those for groups, solo singers, collaborative works and OST sales.

This time, Gaon releases the result for male rankings.


Digital Sales Chart Ranking

The graph above shows the domestic sales of the group for their respective sales on their digital goods.

Big Bang‘s sales turned out to be the highest this year plus sales on the 2nd quarter with the release of Taeyang‘s “RISE” solo album and on the 4th quarter with G-Dragon x Taeyang‘s collobaration on ‘Good Boy‘.

Beast came into second place with their album ‘Good Luck‘, released on the 2nd quarter, but raised their sales more with the help of their 2nd album, ‘Time‘ released by the 4th quarter.

During the 3rd quarted of the year, rookie boy group, WINNER released their ‘2014 S/S‘ album with the title track, ‘empty‘ and ‘Color Ring‘ which became a huge hit instantly, coming out on top of weekly chart rankings.
They came out on third for the digital sales ranking, with only one album to boost.

g.o.d and EXO came in 4th and 5th place, respectively. The full chart ranking can be seen above (as translated).


Physical Albums Ranking

For the physical albums ranking, EXO came up on top of the list, followed by Super Junior on the second place; Infinite on 3rd place; DBSK on 4th and B1A4 completing the top 5. The full list can be seen on the above photo.


Overall – Physical & Digital Sales

And finally, for the overall and total sales, the graph above is the result using a 50:50 ration with the combined revenues from both physical and digital sales.

This result does not necessarily show which group earned a bigger revenue than the others, noting that some of the albums coming on top of the list maybe sold at a more affordable price than those listed below them. These charts only show the amount of overall sales the groups listed have accumulated by the end of the year. Thus, it is possible that groups below the list may have higher sales in terms of the amount of revenue.

Coming out on the top 5 for the overall sales are:
1. EXO
2. Big Bang
3. Beast
4. Super Junior

EXO occupied on top of the list, earning a total of 86.1 points, higher by 10 points than their female counterpart, SNSD on the girl group ranking.

The second place went to Big Bang owing it to the releases of Taeyang’s solo ‘Rise’ and with G-Dragon’s collab single, ‘Good Boy’.

Beast came out on 3rd place; while Super Junior has multiple releases this year including Kyuhyun’s solo recording, raising their overall ranking on the 4th place.

On 5th place is WINNER with their ‘2014 S/S‘ album. They are the only group on top 5 that released a single album (the others coming out on top with multi-releases) , but still ranked fairly high in the charts.

The overall ranking result can be seen on the translation on above photo.

Source: Gaon via ygunited


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