[YG LIFE] M+ Special Survey-Asked 144 Singers Part①: Best Singer, Song, and Album of the Year?



The Best Album of the Year-TAEYANG’s “RISE”

With one of its tracks “Eyes, Nose, Lips” chosen as the second best song of the year, the album itself was picked as the best album by musicians, winning 37 votes in total. TAEYANG’s “RISE” album, released 4 years after his first one, received favorable reviews from his fellow musicians for his excellent singing skills.

They praised the album commenting, “All the tracks are great.”, “This album shows what a great artist TAEYANG is.”, “Not only the tracks but also the composition was incredible.” and “There is no need for words.”

IU’s “Flower Bookmark” was chosen as the second best album with 24 votes, and the third best album went to EPIK HIGH’s “SHOEBOX” with 14 votes. The albums that received many votes were the albums that got favorable responses for all its tracks.

2014. 12. 27.


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