[YG LIFE] 3 Reasons Why Hopes Are High For YG in 2015

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[OSEN=정준화 기자] YG Entertainment (“YG”) hit multiple home runs this year. Starting from 2NE1-who made a comeback in February-to AKMU, TAEYANG, PSY, WINNER, EPIK HIGH, HI SUHYUN, and GD X TAEYANG, numerous YG artists swept the online music charts and proved their popularity.

Indeed, it was a fabulous year for YG and 2015 will only become more fabulous. Already, big names such as BIGBANG and PSY are ready to stage comebacks, and iKON and a new girl group are waiting to make their debuts. CL of 2NE1 will officially debut in the US, prepped up to become the next world pop star after PSY. WINNER, AKMU, and LEE HI will secure their positions as hot artists in the music scene. YG has so many concerts and performances lined up for 2015 that it is hard to squeeze all of them in a year.

# Beware, the real thing has come back…PSY, BIGBANG

What fans are looking forward to the most is BIGBANG’s comeback with all 5 of them together. Of course, fans were able to see BIGBANG members from time to time with TAEYANG’s solo, GD X TAEYANG’s unit debut, and T.O.P’s acting. However, it wasn’t enough to quench the fan’s thirst for BIGBANG as a group.

They are together again in 2015. Even though each members of BIGBANG have earned immense popularity in their own areas, they are just going to be BIGBANG again in 2015. No decision has been made on the concept and release date of the comeback album, but BIGBANG is working hard on the album. Expectations are running high.
World star PSY is also preparing a new album to be released in 2015. In his recent concert, PSY announced, “I’ve gone back to the basics to prepare for my next album.” Those working with him commented, “The album is taking longer than expected because PSY wants it to be perfect. It will be released next year.”

# Forces to be reckoned with-WIINNER, AKMU & LEE HI 

AKMU debuted last April with “PLAY”, and WINNER in August with “2014 S/S”. LEE HI formed a unit group with SUHYUN of AKMU releasing “I’m Different”. They are all rising stars ready to sweep the music scene next year.

AKMU is widely loved for their unique talent, seeing the world from their innocent perspectives and incorporating such thoughts into their music. All the songs in their debut album ranked high on the online music charts. Their title song “200%” was on the top of the charts for more than a month. AKMU will surely continue their success next year as “chart killers”.
About topping the charts with one’s debut album, WINNER is not an exception. WINNER’s title song “EMPTY” ranked No.1 in a music chart just five days after their debut. WINNER has a huge fan meeting scheduled for the coming January, and fans will be able to see them all throughout next year.

Although she is young, LEE HI is recognized for her soulful voice and is building up her career step by step just like AKMU. She will be collaborating with various musicians next year and adding her color to the music.

# Super rookies, iKON & YG’s new girl group, soon to hit the music scene

The long-awaited debut of iKON and YG’s new girl group is happening in 2015. Although they haven’t officially debuted yet, iKON proved how talented they were through Mnet’s show “MIX & MATCH” and has gathered quiet a number of fans in Korea and Japan. B.I and BOBBY won recognition for their music writing and rapping skills by appearing in the show “Show Me the Money 3” and participating in EPIK HIGH’s “Born Fighter”. Fans have high hopes for iKON. They will release their album early next year and debut officially.

Although the final date has not been decided yet, YG is planning to debut another girl group, and it is highly likely that their debut will be next year. KIM JI SOO and KIM JENNY, two of the finalized members of the new girl group, have already become an issue due to their outstanding beauty. KIM JI SOO, in particular, has been featured in the music video of EPIK HIGH’s “SPOILER”. Her pure and innocent appearance and excellent acting skills have sparked attention.

It is highly likely that CL’s US debut scheduled for next year will turn out to be a success. She has signed an agreement with Scooter Braun’s SB PROJECTS, the very agency that helped PSY, to gear up for her debut in the US. The US press in is spotlighting the diva’s debut, heightening the expectations.

Along with its musicians, YG has also posted exponential growth recently. Following Louis Vuitton, a world-class luxury brand, Tencent, China’s largest Internet service portal, is investing in YG. What will YG achieve next year? 2015 will certainly be an exciting year for YG.

2014. 12. 26.


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