[YG LIFE] GD X TAEYANG Selected as “Best Dressed Star” by American New York Magazine

141226 02

[OSEN=이혜린 기자] G-DRAGON and TAEYANG have been selected as “2014 Best Dressed Street Stars” by American New York magazine.

New York magazine posted a photo of G-DRAGON and TAEYANG in an article titled “The Best-Dressed Street-Style Stars of 2014, a Ranking” on the 22 (local time), and explained, “K-pop icon G-DRAGON and TAEYANG have captivated us with their cool hair, unisex fashion, face tattoo, etc.”

G-DRAGON and TAEYANG put their names on the list along with world-famous fashionistas including former Marie Claire jewerly designer Taylor Tomasi Hill and Russian fashion person Miroslava Duma.

The two attended “2014 F/W Men’s Fashion Week”, part of the Paris fashion week, in January this year, to show their influence as fashion icons. They have always drawn attention for their unique and bold style.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON and TAEYANG have been enjoying great populairty recently, with their recent single “GOOD BOY”‘s music video surpassing 25.6 million views on YouTube as of the 24.

2014. 12. 24.


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