[YG LIFE] G-Dragon Boasts Unrivaled “Swag” in New Year’s Photography

[일간스포츠 = 김민철 기자] Group BIGBANG’s leader G-DRAGON unveiled his photography for fashion magazine “Vogue Korea”’s new year issue.

On the 23 this month, G-DRAGON posted part of his photography for “Vogue Korea” on his Instagram, with a phrase “Vogue 2015 01”.

141224 02In the photography, G-DRAGON is showing outfits of different designs and colors in his own style. Couple photographs of G-DRAGON and fashion model Hanne Gaby Odiele also boast a unique chemistry.

Plus, in his solo shots, G-DRAGON is wearing thick permed hair, adding glamor to the photography with fancy accessories and colorful outfits.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON has recently been performing “GOOD BOY” with TAEYANG, another member of his group BIGBANG. They are showing fantastic performances on a variety of music awards.

2014. 12. 23.


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