[NEWS] Park Han Byul’s Agency Explains Why She Denied Broke Up Rumor with Se7en

December 24, 2014

After the news of Park Han Byul’s relationship with actor Jung Eun Woo and her breakup with former boyfriend Se7en, her agency Day Dream Entertainment released a statement to confirm her new relationship, and also explain why they had previously denied the breakup reports.

Their statement reads as follows,

“Hello. This is Park Han Byul’s agency Day Dream Entertainment.

We are revealing our official position regarding Park Han Byul’s dating report. We apologize for a being a bit late with our response.

When we confirmed this with Park Han Byul herself, she revealed that she and Jung Eun Woo got to know each other through their production, and after spending time together along with other acquaintances, they started to develop feelings for each other about a month ago and naturally started to date.

In addition, she also revealed that she and Choi Dong Wook [Se7en] decided to take time for themselves earlier this year, and confirmed that they broke up. The reason that she did not reveal their breakup was due to her consideration for him; she did not want him to have an even harder time with various reports coming out about their breakup on top of the difficult time he’s having in the military. As much as the two have been together for a long time, they still contact each other once in a while as comfortable friends.

Park Han Byul worried about even mentioning this as she is afraid to be of any harm to anyone. She said she also feels pressured and worried that so much interest is being taken in her relationship with the actor.

As her agency, we also believe that it is hard to organize the relationship of a woman and a man with just a few words, and that it is also the privacy of the actress that we must respect. We ask that speculations regarding Park Han Byul not be spread around through reports so that it will not cause pain to those involved.”

Credits: Allkpop


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