[YG LIFE] Osen Review: PSY Makes 12,000 Fans Dance for 3 Straight Hours


[OSEN=박정선 기자] PSY’s concert was simply indescribable. From the very beginning to end, 12,000 fans continued to dance along with no sign of exhaustion. Only PSY could make this possible.

PSY was in Songpagu Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena on Dec 20 to hold his concert “ALL NIGHT STAND 2014.” Started in 2003, he has since proved that he is a true entertainer by making everyone in the stadium dance with him.

For over 3 hours he performed 23 songs, beginning from “RIGHT NOW” to “CHAMPION.” Songs like “Entertainer,” “Bird,” “GENTLEMAN” and “GANGNAM STYLE” continuously flowed, while sentimental songs like “Father” and “Paradise” were showcased as well.

But the special part of his concert—dressing up as a woman—was greeted most enthusiastically by the fans. This year he imitated Hyuna’s “Red,” which was even more seductive and dynamic than his previous performances. Dressed in a tight red dress and a pair of stockings, he danced Hyuna’s song with sexy dancers perfectly. A large banana and a lipstick—props from Hyuna’s music video—actually appeared on stage to make it even more entertaining.

PSY even turned into a DJ as well. He performed a series of dance and rock songs. He took back the audience to the nostalgic past by signing Steve Yoo’s “Scissors.” The fans, recalling the popular dance of the time, danced with PSY along the music.

He kept the dynamic atmosphere on for over 3 hours. Apart from a few minutes when Lee Juk appeared as a guest, PSY and his songs were the only thing that filled the stadium. As the top entertainer of Korea, he heated up the entire arena. Among the fans were middle-aged couples, primary school children with parents and many more.

But what attracted the attention most was the fans’ enthusiasm. Over the long hours they did not show the slightest sign of exhaustion. From the very first track “RIGHT NOW” to the end, “ALL NIGHT STAND,” which literally went on all standing, was filled with fans who danced the night away.

PSY told the fans that he is trying to go back to the time before “GANGNAM STYLE” became mega viral in 2012. He describes post-GANGNAM STYLE as “foolish.” He explained, “It took me a while to regain my sanity since 2012. All the hit songs were title tracks. A good song is discovered after trying many things, but I realized I was trying too hard to find the good one. So instead of being foolish, I’m going to just do my best in producing good music from next year.”

“ALL NIGHT STAND 2014” that kicked off on Dec 19 will be held again today (Dec 21) and on Dec 24 at the same venue. On Christmas even, he will perform twice, doing a total of 5 concerts altogether. Many fans will be visiting the arena to dance the year away with PSY.

2014. 12. 21.


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