[YG LIFE] Birthday Image for BOBBY: “Half-Mooned-Eye Smile”

141222 03

[OSEN=김사라 기자] YG Entertainment’s executive producer YANG HYUN SUK wished BOBBY a happy birthday on Dec 21.

On YG’s official blog at 0 hour of the day, an image of BOBBY in a playful smile wearing a thin-rimmed glasses was posted. In green and white, matching the colors of BOBBY’s outfit, says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY” with a signature “FROM. YG” at the bottom. Indeed a sweet message to celebrate youthful BOBBY’s birthday.

Internet users who saw the image commented, “His eyes are so cute,” “BOBBY is 20 years old,” “BOBBY Happy Birthday,” and “How bubbly.”

Becoming the champion of Mnet’s survival audition “Show Me the Money 3,” BOBBY attracted much attention even before his debut as a member of iKON. Recently he was also involved in YG’s 2nd hip-hop project, rapping with MASTA WU in “COME HERE,” boasting his increasing presence in the music industry as a talented rapper.

2014. 12. 21.


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