[NEWS] SBS Apologizes Over Winner Song Min Ho′s Use of the Word ′Archipelago′

With the misuse of one word drawing much anger from the public, the staff of SBS Gayo Awards made an official apology.

On December 22, the staff of SBS Gayo Awards posted an official letter of apology on its website, regarding what Winner′s Song Min Ho said on the award ceremony on December 21.

The statement from SBS Gayo Awards read, “We want to apologize for Song Min Ho′s use of the wrong word at the SBS Gayo Awards. The staff is in a time of deep reflection for not closely checking and examining the script. We will give more attention so that mistakes like this don′t occur again.”

On December 21, the SBS Gayo Awards took place with Song Min Ho as one of the MCs. During one of his comments on the live broadcast, Song Min Ho stated, “The Korean archipelago.”

Not only is ′archipelago′ the wrong geographical term to use to refer to the Korean peninsula, it struck negatively with viewers as the term ′archipelago′ in Korea is widely referred to as the archipelago of Japan, who has a sensitive history with Korea.

Source: enewsworld via ygunited


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