[YG LIFE] FUSE TV Spotlights MV of “Dirty Vibe” feat. G-Dragon and CL


As the music video of Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe” in which BIGBANG member G-DRAGON and 2NE1 member CL appear, has been unveiled, American FUSE TV shed spotlight on it.

The music video of “Dirty Vibe” was unveiled on the 16 at 2am, on the website of Red Bull. On the same day, FUSE TV published an article titled “G-DRAGON and CL Got Wild in the Music Video of ‘Dirty Vibe’”.

FUSE TV said, “The most amusing discovery in Skrillex’s album ‘RECESS’ is ‘Dirty Vibe’, a song of Diplo’s collaboration, which has CL and G-DRAGON’s delightfully clear featuring. The two K-pop stars in the music video look wilder than ever before”.

The music video of “Dirty Vibe” focuses on G-DRAGON and CL. The two look into the camera with an intensive gaze, rapping in Korean and English in different places. Their unique and somewhat exaggerated fashion also catch the eyes. Skrillex does not appear in the video.

On Red Bull’s website on which the music video was uploaded, Skrillex said, “I wanted to create a simple performance music video that features CL and G-DRAGON’s show. I met them while performing in Korea and I was working with Diplo at that time. I let them hear the song and asked them to write the lyrics. I have always loved the K-pop culture, and G-DRAGON and CL are artists who inspire me”.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON and CL have boasted their global potential by working in collaboration with famous foreign musicians. G-DRAGON collaborated with world-famous musicians such as Diplo, Baauer, and Missy Elliot, for his second full-length album “COUP D’ETAT” 2NE1’s member CL has had exchanges with American rapper will.i.am and took part in featuring for his album “#willpower” with Britney Spears, Justine Bieber, and Miley Cyrus.

2014. 12. 16.


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