[NEWS] Cha Seung Won is Confirmed for Upcoming MBC Drama, ‘Hwajung’

MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, “Hwajung“, is described as a historical drama with elements of fantasy and melodrama. Cha Seung Won and Lee Yeon Hee are confirmed to play the two main characters of the drama and is expected to premiere next spring following after “Pride and Prejudice“

“It has not been precisely announced what role he would play, but it appears he will return to television showing the appearance of a king.”

This new MBC historical drama is set during the time period of King Seonjo’s reign, which is also the time period depicted in the currently airing drama, the King’s Face.

This is Cha Seung Won‘s return to MBC for the first time in four years after his drama, “The Greatest Love” in 2011. Lee Yeon Hee meanwhile just finished her drama, “Miss Korea” early this year.

Cha Seung Won’s latest movie/tv project includes, “You’re All Surrounded” with Lee Seunggi and Go Ara, and the action movie, “Man in High Heels” (already subbed), where he stars as as a transgender homicide detective .

Netizen Comments: Naver/Instiz
1. [+5528, -382] Planting Lee Yeon Hee on the already established Cha Seung Won

2. [+4353, -361] Lee Yeon Hee in a historical drama… the world’s coming to an end

3. [+3819, -103] He took care of that kid as if he was his own biological son…. and he worked so hard on Infinity Challenge. Cha Seung Won is really cool plus he’s a good actor. He has the best personality and character. Cha Seung Won is just amazing both as an actor and as a person!

4. [+3575, -216] They said that Lee Yeon Hee’s acting has improved but I still think she’s lacking.

5. [+2488, -179] Heol… this isn’t right…

6. [+453, -29] Lee Yeon Hee… An example of mediocre acting and a good company to back it up.

7. [+386, -18] Why doesn’t Lee Yeon Hee act with male actors that suit her age…. Kim Myungmin, Cha Seungwon, Lee Sun Kyun ㅋㅋ Her acting ability is one reason but I can’t fully immerse myself in the show because of the age difference…

8. [+350, -15] Lee Yeon Hee should just do stuff like romantic comedies… she honestly can’t do any serious acting

9. [+322, -16] Lee Yeon Hee is so lucky the male leads she gets partnered up with are such great actors…

10. [+316, -16] I don’t think an improvement in your acting at this point of your career is something to be that proud of.

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