[YG LIFE] PSY’s “HANGOVER”, the Most-Watched K-Pop Music Video in the World in 2014

[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] Music video of world star PSY’s “HANGOVER” has been recorded as the most-watched K-pop music video in the world for this year.

On the 9 this month, world-biggest video-streaming website YouTube officially announced a list of most popular K-pop music videos and channels in 2014 (December 1, 2013 – November 30, 2014).

The most-watched K-pop music video in the world is the music video of PSY’s “HANGOVER” that was released in June this year.

The music video of “HANGOVER” released in June this year surpassed 100 million views around the world within one month from its release, and now, it is recording 164 million views. PSY and world-class hip-hop musician SnoopDogg’s comic acting stands out in the music video of “HANGOVER”. The number of clicks for the music video of PSY’s “GANGNAM STYLE” that was released in July 2012 has already surpassed 2.1 billion, making PSY hold the biggest views record in the world.

EXO’s “Overdose” (EXO-K) and “Miracle of December” are in the second and tenth place, proving the fact that EXO is a leading K-pop idol group.

“Mr.Mr.” of Girls’ Generation is in the third place, 2NE1’s “COME BACK HOME” in the 4th, and TAEYANG’s “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” in the fifth place, proving their influence in the music world once again.

Hyunah’s “Red”, Super Junior’s “Mamacity”, f(x)’s “Red Light”, and SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” are ranked in the sixth to ninth places respectively.

Meanwhile, in the ranking of Korean YouTube channels whose number of followers has increased the most as of the end of 2014, SM Town, PSY, and KBS World are ranked in the first, second, and third place respectively.


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