[YG LIFE] Exclusive: 2NE1 Appears in SBS “GAYO DAEJEON” … Bom Continues Self-Reflection


[OSEN=손남원 기자] 2NE1, who has been recently not performing in Korea for self-reflection, is coming back. According to broadcasting insiders, 2NE1 will appear in SBS “GAYO DAEJEON – Super 5” (‘GAYO DAEJEON”) to be held on the 21 this month. Only three members CL, DARA, and MINZY, except for BOM, will stand on the music festival’s stage.

Whether 2NE1’s three members alone will perform in “GAYO DAEJEON” is not clear yet. 2NE1 came back early this year and swept music charts, but has not been performing in Korea for self-reflection, after a controversy over BOM’s medicine banned in Korea. 2NE1’s decision to appear in “GAYO DAEJEON” seems to be made because SBS, which revived awarding in the music festival again from this year, requested 2NE1 to receive an award.

2NE1’s popularity overseas is still explosive. YG is carrying out 2NE1’s pre-contracted schedules as planned, and the team’s world tour “ALL OR NOTHING” was full of audience, in Asian countries including Singapore.

However, when 2NE1 will begin their performance in Korea is not clear yet. Each member just has their individual schedules, such as leader CL’s official debut in the United States, which is planned for next year.

Meanwhile, BOM decided to drop out from SBS entertainment show “Roommate” on July 5, saying, “I’m really sorry to everyone, that a big controversy is created because of me. I don’t think I can take part in shooting as usual with these miserable feelings”.

BOM had a hard time, as the fact that she brought into Korea four years ago a medicine that she had taken while she was living in the United States but banned in Korea was covered by the media in summer this year. Considering a variety of circumstances, the prosecution dropped the case for years ago.

2014. 12. 10.


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