[YG LIFE] GD X TAEYANG Unveiled Choreography Video of “GOOD BOY” … Group Dance Looks “Groovy”

GDYB-Good Boy

[OSEN=김사라 기자] A choreography video of GD X TAEYANG’s “GOOD BOY” is creating sensation.

YG Entertainment (“YG”) unveiled GD X TAEYANG’s choreography video on its official blog on the 9 at 0am.

In the video, G-DRAGON and TAEYANG are dancing “GOOD BOY”’s choreography with dancers, in training outfits. Even though they are dancing the same choreography, their styles are different and reveal each one’s unique characters, to catch the eyes of fans.

The two follow well-organized group choreography with other dancers, but in their respective part, they show uniquely groovy moves, which brings the dancing skills of BIGBANG who celebrates ninth anniversary of their debut, under a new spotlight.

The choreography for “GOOD BOY” is a work by world-famous choreographer Paris Goebel, who has choreographed for TAEYANG’s “RINGA LINGA”, 2NE1’s “CRUSH”, and film “Step-up: All-in”.

Fans who watched GD X TAEYANG’s choreography video are giving positive responses to it, saying, “Even typical moves look so special when they are danced by TAEYANG”, “I didn’t know GD is such a good dancer. His moves look impressive”, “They are different but both gorgeous, impossible to compare between the two”, etc.

Meanwhile, the music video of GD X TAEYANG’s “GOOD BOY” directed by world-famous music video producer Colin Tilley is enjoying a continuing popularity, surpassing 14 million views on YouTube.

2014. 12. 9.


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