[YG LIFE] Interview: Yang, “YG Is Going to China”

Yang Hyun Suk-YG[OSEN=손남원 기자] YG’s Executive Producer declared his entering of the Chinese market. This is his determination to find YG’s future driving force in the land of China. Experiencing the most explosive growth out of all Korean entertainment agencies, YG attracted investment from world’s top brand Louis Vuitton and China’s largest IT company Tencent, being spotlighted by the financial circle.

In an interview with OSEN, YANG commented, “It is unpredictable how much growth the Chinese entertainment market will see. Don’t you remember the film ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’? China’s influence on entertainment will be felt all around the world, like popcorn raining from the sky. This is the reason YG needs to enter the Chinese market in full force.”

YG has been preparing this for a while, and this spring held a “2014 1st YG AUDITION in Greater China” in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Knowing YG through BIGBANG, 2NE1 and PSY, local teenage fans responded explosively to the audition.

YG visited Hong Kong to partake in MAMA held on Dec 3, and while he was there he signed an MOU with Tencent. The company invested hundreds of billions of won just this year in Korea, and now goes hand in hand with YG to secure the most powerful Korean Wave contents. YG also secured a partner to distribute their contents that are already recognized by the global market like YouTube. This is certainly a win-win structure.

YANG commented, “The two companies’ tie-up will create an unimaginable synergy in the growing Chinese market. I am not heavily involved in the business aspect of YG. I trust my management and follow them. It is my role to pull up the contents to perfection that is also competitive.”

YG’s entrance in the neighboring country means many things. First, it indicates that K-Pop wave has moved from Japan to China.

YANG said, “In the past, there were small and medium businesses that hindered signing the contract and more. The profit sharing system was uncertain as well. But as the Chinese economy grew dramatically, the market became more transparent. China’s consumption of contents is far dominant than any other countries. Some YG artists never even performed in China and they have a fan base there already. This is rightly the most opportune time to enter the market.”

YANG appeared on SBS’s “Healing Camp” for the first time in 2 and a half years, lecturing to youth about his success secret. “How I could be where I am today… After much thought I realized the keyword is “excitement.” Money cannot replace happiness.”

When asked what his keyword for deciding to enter the Chinese market, he answered, “That was also ‘excitement.’ When you do something, you have to enjoy it and your heart has to be excited for it. Then you can put in all your effort. This is exactly how my heart feels in entering the Chinese market.”

2014. 12. 6.


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