[YG LIFE] Cryptic Teaser Image: WINNER Releases New Album?

WINNER - WWIC Poster 2015

[OSEN=정준화 기자] Curiosity builds up as YG unveils a mysterious teaser image of WINNER.

On WINNER’s official Facebook (www.facebook.com/OfficialYGWINNER), YG’s Twitter and Facebook at 0 hour of Dec 6, a teaser image with a caption that read “WWIC 2015” was revealed. “2015” made the fans think it is a hint for WINNER’s new album next year, creating much hype.

Becoming the champion of YG’s survival program “WIN: WHO IS NEXT” and opening BIGBANG’s Dome Tour, WINNER accumulated experiences to release their first album in August with the title “EMPTY.” Not only did it sweep across charts, but other songs were lined up in the top range as well.

They even received New Artist award at the 2014 MAMA hosted by Mnet on Dec 3 in Hong Kong, becoming the most influential new artist of the year.

Now all eyes are on the teaser image to see if it is a hint for their new album or an event involving WINNER.

2014. 12. 6.


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