[ARTICLE] G-Dragon’s Sarcastic Lyrics at the MAMA 2014 Garners Attention

GD-G-DragonDuring the ‘2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ held on December 4, G-Dragon andTaeyang gave a powerful performance of their latest hip-hop single, “Good Boy,” leaving the fans again in awe at their amazing stage presence.

However, it wasn’t just the performance that drew attention but also G-Dragon’s freestyle rap lyrics in the beginning of “Good Boy” that caught the attention of the media, as it seemed to have targeted the whole event itself.

For those who were wondering what G-Dragon was saying, the generous rapper posted up a photo of the lyrics which were written on three pieces of paper.

The lyrics to G-Dragon’s freestyle rap goes:

” This is a year-end fishing for pushovers. Bait. Touts snatching them without a hook.
My record, skill is always (seen) as a lie,
I’m so sorry but I love you. I just f**k it, it’s a quickie.
It’s been a year, MAMA. Because you set such a large table/awards (sang), You hand it out generously so your children don’t fight. 

I’m all grown up now so I get full from even watching,
Just feed the younger ones.

August 18 of ’88. You getting wrinkles trying to copy my fate, is your fate.
My age is adding two and seven, it’s natural.
I’m the player on stage, so just be a fangirl. 

Show Me The Money? I don’t even know how much I have.
Gold watch and necklace is just cute. 
This year passed and new year is snatching up. I’ll share with you. Dragon (yong) Money.
Here you go, allowance (yong-don).”


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Credits: Allkpop


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