[NEWS] Possible YG line up for 2015

1. Ikon debut
2. Big Bang album
3. Lee Hi album
4. Winner album
5. New girl group album
6. Akdong Musician album
7. TOP solo
+ CL’s solo or PSY’s album
(Note: Possible speculation, unconfirmed)
Source: Instiz
[1] “So no Minzy solo?”
[2] “Ikon’s debut…. after three survivals… they’re debuting”
[3] “Is Big Bang going to be pushed back again?”
[4] “Will this even come true?  I hope they actually go according to plan.”
[5] “When are they ever going to release Big Bang”
[6] “Ah….. I wonder who among them will actually come out on time”
[7] “60% of that is a lieㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
[8] “I’d be happy if all of this truly happens even though I’ll go broke.  I can’t help but be YG’s personal ATM.”
[9] “It’d be a miracle if at least three of the ones listed there released something.  I really hope Big Bang gives us a full album before one of them enlists…”
[10] “Lee Hi, please ㅠㅠ”

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