[NEWS] K-Netizens Comment on Epik High Comeback with New Album ‘SHOEBOX’ on October 21st

Article: ‘Epik High to release album ‘SHOWBOX’ on October 21st.. Currently filming the MV’
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+464, -13]  Fighting Epik High!  Haru’s dad, Tablo, hwaiting!
2. [+381, -8]  They’re finally making a comeback? ㅜㅜ Looking forward to the upcoming masterpieces..
3. [+296, -8]  Epik High’s music is amazing.  I can’t wait for this.
4. [+287, -7]  Oho, looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!
5. [+265, -13]  If Epik High makes a comeback, they’ll take over everyone.
6. [+42, -4]  We’re getting an album after two years but when are they going to get a concert??  If they didn’t go into YG, they would’ve had at least 4-5 concerts by now.
7. [+36, -2]  This poster is damn cool.  YG’s always been good at this kind of design…. The title shoebox is uncommon too… I really can’t wait for this!!
8. [+35, -4]  I have a feeling this album will truly show Epik High’s colour~  Can’t wait

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