[NEWS] K-Netizens Comment about Akdong Musician #1 on 6 Music Charts for Three Days

Article: ‘Akdong Musician is strong as expected… tops 6 music charts for three days’
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2009, -59]  Akmu’s song this time around is great.  Just look at Chanhyuk, he’s a genius.
2. [+1758, -435]  Time and Fallen Leaves seems like a song written by an artist of 20 year experience while Sogyeokdong seems like it was written by an amateur ㅋㅋㅋ
3. [+1441, -136]  The delivery of the lyrics is much better as well.
4. [+1226, -35]  I love the song so much.  I want them to promote more often and hopefully their solo concert in Seoul goes well~
5. [+1114, -185]  And where is Sogyeokdong on the charts?
6. [+215, -11]  Oppa composes very well while his dongsaeng sings well…  more than anything is how they look so happy whenever they’re singing.
7. [+211, -14]  Lee Soohyun’s vocals will become even better as she develops and in turn Akdong Musician’s music will grow too.
8. [+207, -15]  Chanhyuk is definitely a natural-born genius.  I’m jealous of you, rascal
9. [+198, -16]  As a YG fan, I wondered how they would do with their different style when they first came into the company but these kids are doing much better than I expected.
10. [+193, -17]  Akdong Musician’s songs are great.
Source: YG PRESS

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